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About assemblage

Although assemblage (rhymes with "collage") is only a hundred years old, some of the brightest lights in modern art, from Cubism to Contemporary, have worked in the discipline. You can use these links to learn more about the history of assemblage,and some of its practitioners:


  • A solid essay from Chubb Collectors on the history of assemblage.
  • A generous list of prominent assemblagists from 1902 to the present day, from Wikipedia. Not all of the artists on this list are primarily assemblagists.
  • A brief essay and many images on George Herms, which Wikipedia missed, courtesy of the Seraphin Gallery in Philadelphia.
  • A few from Bruce Connor, another great who's missing from the Wikipedia list, courtesy of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.
  • A few images via Artnet from Kurt Schwitters, who deserves to be considered when assemblage is mentioned, even though his castoff tickets and paper scraps were generally assembled into essentially two-dimensional collages.


Betsy Thomas of Chubb Collectors summarizes the possibilities of assemblage when she describes “ a technique whereby artists gather found items of no particular value and make compositions that place these “objets trouve,” into an imaginative dialogue with each other.”


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