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About The Art of Assemblage

This page provides backgrouond on The Art of Assemblage, a gallery within Art Works Downtown in San Rafael, California, that I founded in February 2014. The other pages on this site relate to my own work in assemblage.


The display space and gallery The Art of Assemblage presents world-class examples of the form. While The Art of Assemblage is located on the first floor of Art Works Downtown in San Rafael, CA, the gallery is a separate commercial entity with its own business license and resale license.


The primary purpose of The Art of Assemblage is educational:


To display the work of contemporary artists who have done notable work in assemblage.

To demonstrate to the public how rich and compelling assemblage can be.

To encourage art fans to develop, along with an appreciation for assemblage, a desire to acquire fine examples of it.

To “raise the bar” in general for all artists working in the discipline.


There are other choices under this Art of Assemblage menu; please use the Inquires tab at the main menu to contact Arthur Comings regarding the gallery.